Video Clips: A Few Words from Faculty

Massage therapy can lead to a variety of careers based on the techniques that most interest you. Below you’ll find clips from current and former faculty members as they give a brief overview of the classes offered. You can learn more about each class in the curriculum on the 500-Hour Certification Program page.

Mindy Oldham, RN, LMT teaches Integrative Massage Therapy and runs the Intern Clinic.

Recently retired Swedish Massage instructor, Andrea Mindigo, LMT – regarding  one of the first hands-on classes students take at Cumberland Institute.

Denise Gleason, LMT, CLT teaches Lymphatic Drainage Technique, a special modality used to reduce edema (swelling) and other issues.

Steve Sommers, LMFT, LMT, an instructor at Cumberland, shares a few words about Acupressure. Acupressure for Massage is now taught by Mary Beth Crawford, LMT.

Mindy Oldham, RN, LMT, shares a quick overview of some of the products that students can use or purchase at Cumberland.