Why Choose Cumberland?

At Cumberland Institute, our massage therapy students are urged to stretch and grow beyond the limits of their fears, to build a solid foundation of ethical, professional behavior and values, and to feel the loving support of a community of mentors and peers, which will follow them into professional practice.

Students come to Cumberland at all stages of life. For some this massage therapy training is their first career education after high school. Others arrive at Cumberland ready to transition to a second (or third!) career or a new phase in their life. Regardless of the stage of life, many people choose Cumberland because we provide a nurturing experience, time and financial flexibility, and unique opportunities.



Academic Director Mary McDaniel speaks during a recent graduation ceremony.

  • We train students as an Integrative Holistic Bodywork Professional to maintain a career and not simply a job.
  • We instruct all classes to prepare you for longevity in the field through a focus on proper body mechanics and maintaining professional boundaries.
  • Hands-on instructors average 18 years of experience in the field and over 10 years teaching.
  • Instructors not only teach, they each run their own private massage businesses – so they can speak to students regarding all aspects.
  • Celebrated our 30th anniversary in 2017 of training massage therapy students and professionals.


  • With our Integrative Massage Therapist Program, you have the options of taking the hands-on classes that serve your interests and passions.
  • Pace the program to fit your schedule. If you want to take more classes, fewer classes or need to take an unplanned hiatus – You CAN with our program! Most students take anywhere from 15-months to 24-months to graduate, depending on what works with their schedule.
  • Pay-as-you-go! Take classes in a way you can afford and that fits your schedule.
  • Most classes are offered in the evenings, allowing you to maintain your daily activities & work schedule as you go through your massage therapy training.
  • Graduate with no debt so that the transition to your new career is as easy as possible.
IMG_0970 (1)

Acupressure Instructor Mary Beth Crawford, LMT, observes a student during a hands on class at Cumberland Institute.


  • During your internship, you will run a fully functioning, multi-practitioner clinic designed to prepare you for working in many settings and give you the confidence to successfully start your new career.
  • Upon completion of our business class, you will have a uniquely designed website, business card and have a financial target that is specific for you.
  • When you go into the marketplace as a Cumberland Institute graduate, you are a preferred job candidate for many local businesses.

To learn more:  Attend one of our “Intro-Evenings” held each quarter or schedule a tour of the school with Teresa Greene, Administrative Director,  Monday – Thursday at 615-370-9794.