Every member of the hands-on faculty at Cumberland Institute is a massage therapist who has mastered the modality he or she is teaching here, and has established a successful private practice in that area, as well. There is a rich and diverse background of experience each instructor brings to the curriculum and the classroom.

Cumberland instructors understand the concept of mentoring their students, and the relationships built in the classroom here often extend into post-graduate years, especially in the challenging early months of practice. The diversity of experience in the faculty ensures a variety of checks and balances to the evolution of the curriculum, and solid practical guidance for whatever bodywork field a student might choose to follow.

To put it simply, Cumberland Institute instructors love teaching and have passion for their subjects, which shows in the enthusiasm of their students for the work.

Instructors without Mask

Academic Director:  Mary McDaniel, LMT
Administrative Director:  Teresa Greene, BS, LMT

Core Faculty:
Stacey Anderson, LMT

Mary Beth Crawford, LMT
Denise Gleason, LMT, CLT
Robin Green, LMT
Teresa Greene, BS, LMT
Amanda Hooten, LMT
Mary McDaniel, LMT
Andrea Mindigo, LMT
Nick Phillips, LMT
Mindy Oldham, RN, LMT
Hollie Potts, MSN, RN
Terry Scruggs, LMT
Steve Sommers, LMFT, LMT

Academic Assistants:
Beverly Gray, Hanna Warren & Adam Whitehead