Holistic Emphasis

Holistic Massage Therapy Training


Massage therapy training that focuses on providing healing for mind, body and spirit

In its holistic emphasis, Cumberland’s massage education honors the sacred trust and intuition required by a vocation of “laying-on of hands,” which recognizes the multi-dimensional nature of the therapist-client interaction in bodywork.

Cumberland prepares its students to bring the best of themselves to their work, with healthy and appropriate boundaries and professional behavior, which should remain within the scope of massage practice but not exclude the spiritual or the sacred from the experience.



Mindy Oldham, RN, LMT, provides hands on demonstration during the Integrative Massage class.

At the same time, Cumberland offers complementary therapeutic tools from Acupressure, Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage Technique or Neuromuscular Therapy, along with a variety of other modalities to help students address the chronic pain, tension and dysfunction from which their clients seek relief.

For us, the holistic approach offers the best of both worlds: to the therapist, it offers ease and efficacy in treatment, while simultaneously offering the client increased comfort and opportunity for healing.