Admission and Registration Process

A completed Application for Admission must be submitted with an official copy of high school or college transcripts or GED certificate.  An application can be found with our student catalog or you may print and download an Application for Cumberland Institute of Holistic Therapies.  Within fourteen (14) days of receipt of application, applicant will be contacted to schedule an interview with the Director (out-of-state applicants will be scheduled for a phone interview). Within seven (7) days of interview, applicant will receive a letter of acceptance or denial of acceptance. Once accepted, the student may register for any quarter thereafter. Acceptance into Cumberland Institute does not obligate the student to register for any classes. Applications will be kept on file for an indefinite period.

Students may register for classes with the Director in person, by phone (credit card or account credit balance necessary), or by mail. For registration to be processed, a completed registration form must be submitted with a minimum one-third-tuition payment.

Registration forms received within five(5) days of the first official day of the quarter are subject to a $45.00 Late Registration Fee. This applies to core certification courses. Continuing Education classes are subject to the late fee deadline published on each quarter’s schedule.

Tuition Payment And Accounts

Registering students have two options for tuition payment: (1) full payment of quarterly tuition total upon registration, or (2) zero interest, one-third payment of quarterly tuition total upon registration with respective one-third payment balances being billed to student the fourth and eigth week of the quarter, respectively, from registration deadline.

Tuition accounts have a seven (7) day grace period for payment, after which a $45.00 Late Tuition Fee will be added to account. Tuition accounts that remain delinquent seven (7) days beyond the grace period will be placed on alert for withdrawal of student. Delinquent accounts must be paid in full before student will be eligible for further enrollment and registration.

Although Cumberland does not currently offer a loan program through the school, we do have students attending who have obtained a “Career Training loan” through Sallie Mae.  At the current time, the source of these loans has been discontinued by Sallie Mae.  But the vast majority of our students find the monthly payment option works to suit their needs, with the benefit of allowing them to complete their training debt-free.

Course Withdrawal

Students may withdraw from any course, at any time, for any reason by informing the Director by written, dated document of desire to withdraw. Based on the date of contact, the student’s tuition account will be credited according to the following policy:

(1) Withdrawal up to and including first day of quarter – 100% tuition credit.

(2) Withdrawal after the first day of quarter – Tuition credit pro-rated for course hours not completed less $45.00 Withdrawal Fee (per course withdrawn). At this time, the pro-rated rate is $20.00 per course hour which includes an administration fee.

(3) Student withdrawal under GI Bill ® is in compliance with Title 38 USC 21.4255.

Administrative Withdrawal

A student may be withdrawn administratively by the Director for any of the following, with resolution or re-admission being determined on a case-by-case basis:

(1) Attending classes while intoxicated

(2) Behavior deemed inappropriate or dangerous to students, faculty or clients

(3) Absences in excess of school policy

(4) Cheating, stealing or criminal activity

(5) Inability to bring cumulative grade average above school minimum


Students must attend eighty-five (85) percent of all course hours to receive course credit. Absences that exceed fifteen (15) percent of course hours will result in administrative withdrawal from respective course. One (1) grade point per hour of absence may be deducted from final course grade.

Grade Evaluation and Cumulative Grade Average

Students must achieve a minimum course grade of seventy-five (75) percent to receive course credit hours. Course grades that fall below seventy-five (75) percent will result in course failure and the need to be retake the course for credit.

A minimum cumulative grade average of eighty-five (85) percent must be maintained by the student to remain enrolled at Cumberland Institute. A student whose cumulative grade average falls below the minimum will be placed on academic probation for a period of one (1) quarter. If after probationary period the cumulative average does not meet the school minimum, the student will be withdrawn from enrollment indefinitely.

Grade Evaluation Scale:

90 – 100% A
80 – 89% B
75 – 79% C
Below 75% F

Students will receive unofficial academic transcripts within thirty (30) days following the completion of a quarter.

Books, Equipment and Supply Purchases

Students are given options for purchasing/renting required textbooks: students may purchase from Cumberland or other textbook seller in addition to renting and e-book options.  Purchase of a professional-quality massage equipment package, which includes a multi-height massage table with adjustable face cradle, carrying case, and bolster, will also be required, to be approved by the school. Massage table packages are available through the school, which may be financed in three payments per quarter along with tuition.  Additional books, equipment and supplies are available in the school store, and may be charged to a student account, to be payable upon receipt of the next account statement.

Transfer of Credit

Cumberland Institute will consider transfer of credit on any equivalent course to a course in its curriculum from another accredited academic institution that has been completed within five (5) years of the request for credit transfer. To be considered, the request for course credit transfer must be submitted to the Academic Director with a copy of an official academic transcript from the previous institution, and must equal or exceed the number of hours of the Cumberland class.  If the hours exceed the Cumberland class, the transfer credit will only reflect the number of hours of the Cumberland equivalent. A $45.00 Transfer Fee will be assessed per course transferred, up to a maximum of $130.00 for program transfers.  No transfers will be considered for T402 Intern Clinic, and prospective students may be asked to pass a competency exam or a hands-on skill assessment before credit is accepted.

Students wanting to transfer credit received while attending Cumberland Institute will need to contact the institution to which they are transferring to establish the receiving institutions’ policy for transfer of credit. Transfer of credit is controlled by the receiving institution, and Cumberland’s authorization does not guarantee transferability to other schools.

Disclosure Statement Required of all Post Secondary Educational Institutions by Tennessee Higher Education Commission:

Contact hours earned at Cumberland Institute of Holistic Therapies may not transfer to another educational institution.  Contact hours earned at another institution may not be accepted by Cumberland Institute.  You should obtain confirmation that Cumberland Institute will accept any contact hours you have earned at another educational institution before you execute an enrollment contract or agreement.  You should also contact any educational institutions to which you may want to transfer contact hours earned at Cumberland Institute to determine if such institutions will accept contact hours earned at Cumberland Institute prior to executing an enrollment contract or agreement.  The ability to transfer contact hours from Cumberland Institute of Holistic Therapies to another educational institution may be very limited.  Your contact hours may not transfer and you may have to repeat courses previously taken at  Cumberland Institute.  You should never assume that contact hours will transfer to or from any educational institution.  It is highly recommended and you are advised to make certain that you know the transfer credit policy of Cumberland Institute of Holistic Therapies and of any other educational institution to which you may in the future want to transfer the contact hours earned at Cumberland Institute of Holistic Therapies before you execute an enrollment contract or agreement.

Student Records

All student records are maintained within the school administrative offices. Student records are confidential and will be released only by written authorization of the student.